Amadeus - September 2017
Review of the piece Anatomy of an american dream 
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Il Fatto Quotidiano - March 2019
Article about Virginia Guastella written 
by Giuseppina La Face Bianconi
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Corriere della sera - September 2016
Review of Virginia Guastella's CD So Far So Good by Enrico Girardi
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Allgäuer Zeitung - September 2018
Interview during the residency at Classix Festival in Kempten (Germany)
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La Repubblica
Article about the performance of 
Zaira tra le misure del suo spazio
for Nuova Consonanza Festival (2016)
Corriere della sera
Article about the premiere of 
Zaira tra le misure del suo spazio
for the season of I Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra
Press conference of the International Composition Contest "Strumenti di pace" won by Virginia Guastella in 2008
Ennio Morricone speaks about Pax virginis by Virginia Guastella
Il Resto del Carlino - Interview
Il Giornale della Musica - Interview
WKMS RADIO STATION (U.S.A. Kentucky National Radio) - Interview
Virginia Guastella speaks with Tracy Ross about her tour in US